Absolute Image

Absolute Image: The Structure of Consciousness in Visual Form, is a continuing series of paintings crafted by hand in acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 inches. These paintings aspire to be not just objects of beauty for the viewer but images that can sound an echo of that complete cosmic order ever-present deep in the awareness of everyone and everything.

The Absolute Image Series of Paintings began in 1995. There is no computer work whatsoever involved in their creation. All is just paint applied by hand to canvas. Even the domed-up points of color are built up in layers of paint. For the ‘absoluteness’ of Absolute Image to be fully realized it was necessary to maintain the complete purity of the discipline and to render the images directly through the traditional process of handcrafting.

I became convinced that the visual arts could be brought to fulfillment by exploring them in the light of a new and complete science of consciousness – Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology. It became an exploration of the very foundations of our visual aesthetic reality in absolute terms. This revolutionary re-evaluation of the visual arts is the subject of my forthcoming book Art, Consciousness, and Maharishi Vedic Science. It is conducted with reference to the continuing series of paintings presented here – Absolute Image: The Structure of Consciousness in Visual Form.

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